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No more Ivory Towers

I am right now at the FET 11 conference. There I was attending a session from my old friend Josh Bongard on Crowdsourcing Science . There I commented that it would be already a good thing if scientists started to make themselves available to the wider public. This by giving a timetable when they are available to whoever wants to chat with them about science.

Original from James Stewart. http://www.flickr.com/people/jystewart/There was a time when scientists lived in ivory towers. Now that ivory towers are starting to crumble, we should do our best to really tear them down completely. So I am here suggesting, and promoting a new project. An open science project.
The idea is that I, and every scientist who is willing to participate in this, will donate some time to society for science.
I will be available one hour a week on Skype to discuss about science with anyone who is interested.
My Skype name is “pietrosperoni” and I will be available every tuesday from 13 GMT to 14 GMT. You must be able to speak in English or Italian. I speak a bit of French so that might work too, but it’s very poor. And I cannot write it.
In this time we can discuss about science. If you have an idea about my field of expertise you can come and talk to me about that. Maybe we can collaborate on developing it, and maybe making it into a publication.
Before any collaboration I expect you to know about the scientific method and how do peer-reviewed journals work. But I am willing to tell you about it. Those are some sort of basic things that needs to be known when you want to do science. A bit like you need to know the rules of the road when you start driving.
If you are a colleague and you want to chat you are also of course very welcome. In fact you should start joining me, and start to offer 1 hour a week to help people discover about your field of expertise.
You can find my interests as a scientist here. But I am willing and interested to discuss on many other topics.
You also can come to me and ask about any idea you might have found on my blog.
If you are a colleague of course you can come and Skype, but you can do much more: I invite you to join me!
You can do this from your blog, or from the comment section over here. If you have a blog and you write about this, please remember to advertise about it here. And (either here or in your blog) please remember to write:
Skype name:
Field of expertise:
Other interests:
For me:
Scientists, tear down the wall!

Moving to Dublin

I know I haven’t written anything in ages. And maybe it is a good thing. Part of it is due to the fact that this blog has become so serious, so high level, that I felt I did not have anything worth enough to write on it. On the side my other small blog, the one on which I presented pictures of my life has come to a stall too. This happened long time ago, when I left Italy, as connecting to the internet through the mobile in Germany was just too costly. For some time I kept on posting pictures on Flickr by hand. That stopped partially as I got annoyed to Yahoo behaviour who required me to pay for the service (while they also put ads on the side), and when I went for a visit in Buchenwald. The wight of those last pictures prevented me from adding anything.

So little by little I stopped recoding my use of life and my internet life. I did not stop having a life, I just stopped speaking about it.

Those days I am mostly on facebook. In my life I left Jena, submitted my thesis, and went to Dublin City University, to work with Barry McMullin‘s group, in the Artificial Life Lab. It is a one year contract that is now 4 months through. And I am actively looking for what to do next.

Funny enough my father is blogging way more than me, those days. He blogs in Italian with a short summary in English. If you can read Italian it is quite interesting.

ACA: Workshop on AC and its application

Funny, I am in the program commitee without anybody ever telling me. No problem, I am happy to be in the list and happy to help. But it did surprise me quite a bit.

So if you didn’t know about it:

Call for Papers:
WORKSHOP on Artificial Chemistry and Its Applications (ACA)
Submission deadline: May 27th 2005
Organized by
Hideaki SUZUKI [S] (ATR Network Informatics Laboratories, JAPAN)
Tim HUTTON (University College London, UK)
Jian-Qin LIU [S] (ATR Network Informatics Laboratories, JAPAN)

Part of ECAL 2005 – 8th European Conference on Artificial Life
Monday 5th to Friday 9th September 2005
University of Kent, Canterbury, Kent (UK)